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E-book Publishing Made Easy

From the continental US, to Canada, to UK, Australia and New Zealand, a fascinating trend is emerging in the publishing world-the advent of the eBook.

According to the Association of American Publishers, an industry association of leading publishers in the US, eBook sales soared 176.6% to $169.5 million in 2009.

This trend spells an enormous opportunity for aspiring writers and self-published authors alike. By converting your book into an eBook, you tap into the growing market of avid eBook readers across all genres.

So how do you make eBook publishing work for you? Whether you may already have a published manuscript or not, you will find the process surprisingly simple.

We have the right editorial, design and marketing expertise to help get you published and promoted professionally in as little as two months.

Plus, we help distribute your eBook in a variety of formats including Amazon`s Kindle, Barnes & Noble`s The Nook, Sony Digital readers and even online eBook portals like, and over 5,000 other online retailers.

So tell us all about your book in three easy steps and together let us begin your journey to publishing success!