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E-books: Take control today and publish your manuscript!
Use the Power of E-books – Get Published Today

With publishing houses being more risk-averse than ever, and only betting on a "sure thing" more and more writers are turning to self-publishing to share their compelling stories with the world.

One current, popular, and cost-effective way of reaching a global audience is through the e-book.

By publishing your manuscript as an e-book, you no longer have to get the attention of a publisher or agent to see your work in print. You now have full power to become a published author by making a finished, professional e-book available to your readers.

We have the right editorial, design and marketing expertise to help get you published and promoted professionally in as little as two months.

Once your e-book is published, it is available to be purchased from,, and thousands of other online retailers. In short, any reader with Internet access can download a copy of your book.

Let's get started today on bringing that hard-earned manuscript to the people you've written it for: your audience. Fill out the form and take the first step on your journey to being a published author!